Desert Planet

Home to the city of Ardvak, Astarte has the highest crime rating of any planet in the subsector. Or at least it would if it had any laws. Ardvak has become infamous for becoming a haven for pirates, bandits, thieves, gangsters, and a host of other unsurly types. Travellers to the planet are advised to never leave their belongings unguarded, and in general don't bring anything with you that you would mind losing. 

Planet InfoEdit

Starport: C (Routine)

Routine quality installation. Only unrefined fuel available. Reasonable repair facilities present. Scout base may be present.

Naval Base: No
Scout Base: No
Size: 7 (7000 miles)
Atmosphere: 8 (Dense)

Dense atmosphere, breathable without assistance.

Hydrography: 1 (10% water)
Population: 8 (Hundreds of millions)
Government: 7 (Balkanization)

No central ruling authority exists; rival governments compete for control.

Law Level: 0 (No prohibitions)
Tech Level: 8 (circa 1980 to 1990)


K4 V Orange Main Sequence
Astarte   C781870-8
2 moons
Ice Planet
Jovian Planet
4 small moons, 13 large moons
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