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Another shitty mining colony. Don't even think about going here. It's literally nothing but rocks. 

Planet Info[]

Starport: E (Frontier)

Frontier installation. Essentially a marked spot of bedrock with no fuel, facilities, or bases present.

Naval Base: No
Scout Base: No
Size: 5 (5000 miles)
Atmosphere: 2 (Very thin, tainted)

Very thin tainted atmosphere, requires a combination respirator/filter mask for survival.

Hydrography: 0 (No free standing water)
Population: 2 (Hundreds of inhabitants)
Government: 0 (No government structure)

No government structure. In many cases, family bonds predominate.

Law Level: 0 (No prohibitions)
Tech Level: 4 (circa 1860 to 1900)


F1 V Yellow-white Main Sequence
Cai-Shen   E520200-4
Rock Planet
1 moon
Asteroid Belt
Rock Planet
1 moon
Ice Planet
Ice Planet
Ice Planet
Jovian Planet