A high population industrial planet, Mani's city states have recentally become embroiled in civil war after the death of its planetary leader. Travellers are advised to exercise caution while visiting, and stay away from the frontlines of the conflict. 

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Starport: C (Routine)

Routine quality installation. Only unrefined fuel available. Reasonable repair facilities present. Scout base may be present.

Naval Base: No
Scout Base: No
Size: 3 (3000 miles)
Atmosphere: 6 (Standard)

Standard atmosphere, breathable without assistance.

Hydrography: 8 (80% water)
Population: A (Tens of billions)
Government: 7 (Balkanization)

No central ruling authority exists; rival governments compete for control.

Law Level: 3 (Weapons of strict military nature prohibited)
Tech Level: C (Average Imperial)


F1 V Yellow-white Main Sequence
Rock Planet
Mani   C368A73-C
2 moons
Asteroid Belt
Jovian Planet
6 large moons
Asteroid Belt
Ice Planet
1 moon
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