Meniea is a prosperous trade world that used to be the edge of the turian border. While technically a garden world, most of the environment is rocky and arid, unsuitable for growing all but the toughest crops. Most Menieans' food comes from animal farming, with vegetables and other food imported from other worlds. 

Planet InfoEdit

Starport: A (Excellent)

Excellent quality installation. Refined fuel available. Annual maintenance overhaul available. Shipyard capable of constructing starships and non-starships present. Naval base and/or scout base may be present.

Naval Base: Yes
Scout Base: No
Size: 3 (3000 miles)
Atmosphere: 5 (Thin)

Thin atmosphere, breathable without assistance.

Hydrography: 4 (40% water)
Population: 8 (Hundreds of millions)
Government: 8 (Civil service bureaucracy)

Government by agencies employing individuals selected for their expertise.

Law Level: 6 (Most firearms prohibited)
Tech Level: C (Average Imperial)


G4 V Yellow Main Sequence
Rock Planet
Meniea   A354886-C
1 moon
Rock Planet
Rock Planet
2 moons
Ice Planet
Asteroid Belt
Ice Planet
1 moon
Jovian Planet
2 large moons
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