Primarily an agricultural world, Tnoptri is also the homeworld of the renown poet Bresi B'Gani. Critics praise her work for its themes of cosmic loneliness intwined with the beauty and mystery of the universe. Sadly, her poems do not translate well and are completely incomprehensible to humans. 

Planet InfoEdit

Starport: C (Routine)

Routine quality installation. Only unrefined fuel available. Reasonable repair facilities present. Scout base may be present.

Naval Base: No
Scout Base: No
Size: 7 (7000 miles)
Atmosphere: 9 (Dense, tainted)

Dense tainted atmosphere, requres the use of filter masks.

Hydrography: 5 (50% water)
Population: 5 (Hundreds of thousands)
Government: 7 (Balkanization)

No central ruling authority exists; rival governments compete for control.

Law Level: 7 (Shotguns are prohibited)
Tech Level: 9 (circa 1990 to 2000)


G2 V Yellow Main Sequence
Tnoptri   C795577-9
1 moon
Rock Planet
1 moon
Ice Planet
Jovian Planet
59 small moons, 15 large moons
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