Desert Planet

A lost colony only rediscovered a few years ago, Wen-Chang is a low tech world that still lacks a centralized government, with several countries vying for control. As such, a proper starport has yet to be built, since no two countries can agree which city it should be built in. 

Desert, High population, Low Technology

Planet InfoEdit

Starport: E (Frontier)

Frontier installation. Essentially a marked spot of bedrock with no fuel, facilities, or bases present. 

Naval Base: No
Scout Base: No
Size: 6 (6000 miles)
Atmosphere: 5 (Thin)

Thin atmosphere, breathable without assistance.

Hydrography: 3 (30% water)
Population: 9 (Billions of inhabitants)
Government: 7 (Balkanization)

No central ruling authority exists; rival governments compete for control.

Law Level: 8 (Long bladed weapons are controlled)
Tech Level: 3 (circa 1700 to 1860)


M2 V Red Dwarf
Rock Planet
Asteroid Belt
Wen-Chang   C653978-5
1 moon
Rock Planet
2 moons
Rock Planet
Ice Planet
Asteroid Belt
Jovian Planet
34 small moons, 11 large moons
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