Desert Planet

Zoni, while technically habitable, still barely meets the qualifications for habitation. However, the discovery of rare crystals and precious metals underneath the surface prompted the establishment of a mining colony. Still, unless you're thinking of joining the miners, there is little reason to visit Zoni. 

Planet InfoEdit

Starport: C (Routine)

Routine quality installation. Only unrefined fuel available.

Reasonable repair facilities present. Scout base may be present.

Naval Base: No
Scout Base: Yes
Size: 6 (6000 miles)
Atmosphere: 2 (Very thin, tainted)

Very thin tainted atmosphere, requires a combination respirator/filter mask for survival.

Hydrography: 2 (20% water)
Population: 3 (Thousands of inhabitants)
Government: 2 (Participating democracy)

Government by advice and consent of the citizen.

Law Level: 1 (Explosives and poison gas prohibited)
Tech Level: A (Interstellar community)


A5 V White Main Sequence
Zoni   C622321-A
Rock Planet
Ice Planet
2 moons
Ice Planet
Jovian Planet
28 small moons, 10 large moons
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